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What is Myopia?

Sinapse's video project, Myopia combines narrative and documentary to paint an impressionist portrait of themes that shape our understanding - the way we think and the level of focus we give to things. Myopia is a world of experience constructed through metaphor that explores new narrative techniques to outline a hybrid cultural identity.

This independent film / documentary series uses the power of cinema to communicate as an ally to approach this thinking panel. In this context - sometimes transgressive, sometimes poetic and magical - antagonists such as tyranny and freedom, reason and ignorance, foul and pure, anger and unconditional love, come together to search for deep hidden meaning.

A broad viewpoint is not a threat to cultural identity, but a means to avoid moving towards an homogenised future and monolithic notion about world. Myopia seeks to develop new ways of looking or understanding and encourage viewers to uncover their own naked truth.
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